The Things They are Looking For

29 July, 2015 (11:28) | Business | By: Neil

As a business owner, people often ask me what I look for when someone sends me something on NCR books. It’s not that hard to understand. However, for the person new to the scene, it might seem a bit complicated.

I remember the first time I had to create my own letterhead. The letterhead tells people about your business. It tells them who you are so the name of the business was the first step. They need to know how to get a hold of you. So, the address, email, website, and any phone numbers associated with this must be present. You want them to be able to contact you.

The biggest thing is making this bold statement. The first one I did, I didn’t use any color. People laughed at me, but when I told them my theory they weren’t laughing any longer. The reason is some will print in only black and white as black and white print is cheaper. When I did this, I let people know that business was what I was doing and that I was legit.

Water Filtration Media

17 July, 2015 (03:35) | Business | By: Neil

This water filtration media is used to help keep the quality of the water pure. It also helps with the streams, lakes, rivers by taking out the negative things in the water, such as solid materials that do not belong there. Other names for this is called an organic filter. Overall, it helps to clarify the water and make it usable for drinking, cooking, and bathing.
This is done with many solid materials crumbled in pieces of ash or other things and is filtered.
Carbon Adsorption is used in the home to take out certain particles that are not agreeable to the smell or taste buds. Microporous Basic Filtration focuses on three areas, depth, screen and surface.
• Depth Filters are pre-filters because they have the most material that will purify water.
• Screen Filter has one type of arrangement like a colander and retains larger pieces.
• Surface Filter is made from many layers of the media, so nothing gets through.

Halloween Night

16 July, 2015 (03:10) | Relationships | By: Neil

On Halloween night many people dress up and go out and have fun. What happens if the dead came alive and walked among us in costumes themselves? Certain people can be a bridal makeup artist Manchester and just go to the cemetery, any cemetery, and just knock thrice on a head stone to make someone come up from the dead. Now only one head stone can be knocked on at one time and only on Halloween. When the person comes up from the dead and dreary coffin they can be covered with make up to blend in with the others that are out having fun. With a very old cemetery that the head stones are not very readable, you better make sure not to wake up a mad man. Those are the worst and you maybe hurt in the path of revenge. Everyone needs to be back in their “coffin home” by midnight or they may disappear from their family’s memory.

Hard Work Pays Off

25 May, 2015 (03:38) | Home Improvement | By: Neil

Bill was a hard working man. He put in 50 hours of work at the local rock quarry every week. Sometimes he worked more than that. He got a discount on the rock materials that the company he worked for sold, so he used it to purchase the materials he would need for permeable paving work at his home. Every day when he go home from work at the rock quarry, he would work on his home. He went to bed exhausted every night, but he didn’t mind. One day his boss happened to be driving by when he was outside working at his house. Bill looked up to see his boss just staring at him in amazement. He didn’t say anything but went on working and the boss drove away. The next day at work his boss handed him a paper. It was a notice to Bill that he had been promoted. The boss had been so impressed by his work ethics he also gave him a raise. It just goes to show that hard work really does pay off.

Helping My Grandma Hear

17 May, 2015 (08:21) | Health | By: Neil

My Grandma is one of my best friends, and there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for her. When she was telling me that she was loosing her hearing, I first thought that it was just a part of getting old. After convincing her however, I was able to get her to go to the doctor to get this checked out. What the doctor found was a massive build up of wax that was causing this hearing loss. This was a very incredible discovery. The doctor referred us to an ENT doctor and we were able to go through with an ear wax removal Stockport procedure. This procedure made it so that my grandma could finally hear again. This was a blessing to everyone in our family. There was so much joy when my grandma could finally hear again at family gatherings. This is something that has been difficult for her for nearly months now, and now it is vey easy for her to hear again.

Alien to Power Ranger

11 May, 2015 (01:33) | Old Age | By: Neil

“Hi! I’m Hunter,” I exclaimed. It was the first day of elementary school and Carson, a boy in my homeroom, was sitting next to me. We found we shared a love of the Power Rangers and were getting along well. Then, Carson asked, “What’s that thing on your head? It looks like an alien arm.”

I told Carson that hearing aids like mine help people hear better and that I had had one since I was a toddler. While his comment hurt my feelings, I remembered my mom said it helped people when I explained it to them. After a moment he smiled and said, “It’s like it gives you super powers! Like the Power Rangers!”

My mom was right; people just didn’t understand. Carson and I ended up being close friends and it helped me realize my hearing aid was something that made me different in a good way.

The next ice storm

2 May, 2015 (04:40) | Sports | By: Neil

The next time you are dealing with an ice storm, why not give silica sand a try. The sand will allow for extra traction on slippery surfaces, such as sidewalks, driveways and even roadways. This type of sand makes for a great tool to have for anyone that deals with ice storms during the winter.

The best way to apply this sand is to place it in a few buckets and then with a smaller shovel, you will want to take out small amounts at a time, this will allow you to get an even texture or coat on the slippery surfaces making it more effective in fighting ice or any slippery surface.

To get your share of this sand, all you need to do is go down to the local hardware store as most will carry it in stock as it is a well known type of sand throughout the world.