The next ice storm

2 May, 2015 (04:40) | Sports | By: Neil

The next time you are dealing with an ice storm, why not give silica sand a try. The sand will allow for extra traction on slippery surfaces, such as sidewalks, driveways and even roadways. This type of sand makes for a great tool to have for anyone that deals with ice storms during the winter.

The best way to apply this sand is to place it in a few buckets and then with a smaller shovel, you will want to take out small amounts at a time, this will allow you to get an even texture or coat on the slippery surfaces making it more effective in fighting ice or any slippery surface.

To get your share of this sand, all you need to do is go down to the local hardware store as most will carry it in stock as it is a well known type of sand throughout the world.

When in Doubt Renovate!

29 April, 2015 (08:28) | Home Improvement | By: Neil

I am what you would call a renovation queen and every year or so I like to take a small part of my house and change it up. It could be anything form my back yard patio area to the carpets in my bathroom. This year I chose to focus on my living room windows and began shopping around for either new curtains or to try something new and purchase Manchester blinds. I liked the way curtains framed my windows but felt they were boring and just about every house had them. I had been looking at some beautifully made dark oak wood shutters and decided upon them. They were surprisingly affordable as I always try to stay on a budget and the cost of having them installed didn’t break it. They look absolutely lovely and even my husband commented on how nice they complemented the rooms colors and style.